What We Offer You

Our Trips are Unique

While you can visit the popular sights and tourist spots with any travel agency, DiscoverExcursions adds an extra kick to the equation which makes our excursions truly unforgettable. This comes from the awesome and fun-loving guides that work diligently to make sure everyone is having a great time, whether it means starting a pick-up soccer game on the beach, sharing interesting facts, or just hanging out and talking. You are guaranteed to meet some incredible people and make tons of friends as you bask in the sun of Portugal, or shop along the streets of Northern Africa.

Our Reputation
Our Reputation

DiscoverExcursions has been organizing and running trips within and outside of Spain since 2003. We have received tons of feedback and worked hard to make changes, find new activities, and figure out what makes the most memorable experience for our customers. Now, we have found the perfect blend of site-seeing, cultural experiences, and partying. Much of our business comes from referrals and word-of-mouth; so if you are unsure, ask anyone who has travelled with us before!

Our Innovation
Our Innovation

Since 2003, DiscoverExcursions has pioneered new adventures, destinations, and experiences and continues to do so today. We constantly push the boundaries by creating unique and authentic travel options and tailor-made itineraries.

Our People
Our People

We have a truly multinational and multicultural team, providing an engaging combination of English and Spanish skills (as well as Portuguese and Italian). We are here for you – to help you out, show you an amazing time, and experience these incredible places together.

Our Quality Assurance

Being a top travel agency for students in Europe, we have long-established relationships with our customers and partners, guaranteeing not only competitive prices, but quality services. To ensure your comfort, we always use private transport to travel by road and stay in the top-rated hotels of each city.

Whether you are travelling to learn about new cultures, meet new people and party in a different city, or just see the sights, we accommodate your personal interests

Our Responsibility and Ethics

DiscoverExcursions promotes and practices responsible and ethical tourism. We work hard to empower local communities, bring business, and ensure that both they and our clients benefit from our trips.

Our Promise of Safety

Our customer’s safety is always our number one priority. We constantly monitor the region in case any problems should arise and we personally see to it that every traveller arrives to each destination and returns home safely. Remember, these trips are for all of you to enjoy to the fullest. While accidents can always happen in travelling, rest assured, you will never feel like you are in danger or without help.

Our Focus on the Little Details

DiscoverExcursions recognizes that the smaller details really matter, right down to keeping the bus at a comfortable temperature during the ride. Our guides are also able to provide you with tips about the best places to eat, go out, and visit while you are studying abroad. After having done this for so long, we really know every corner of Europe and our excursion destinations!