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Are you planning on traveling with DiscoverExcursions to Morocco and/or Lagos-Portugal soon? Please remember that our buses officially depart from "El Consulado de Portugal" in Sevilla, Spain. We also provide buses departing from Granada 95% of the time. If you are located elsewhere in Spain, such us Cordoba, Salamanca, Madrid, Valencia, or Alicante, we may be able to provide transportation from your city as well depending on the number of people signed up from those cities, usually 35 people or more. Please contact us anytime and we will try to work something out for you and your friends. If we cannot provide buses from the city where you are located, don’t worry! Sevilla, Spain is super easy to reach by bus, train, car, & plane from anywhere in Spain and Europe. Below you will find useful information about how to get to Sevilla from Spain’s biggest cities. If you still have questions, please contact us and let us know where in Europe you are located and we will tell you the easiest way to get to Sevilla, Spain. Also, for the weekend trip to Morocco, you can choose to meet up with the group in Morocco if going directly is easier than meeting up with the group in Sevilla. If you choose to meet us in Morocco you can receive up to a 15€ discount. The city in Morocco to fly to and meet up with the group is called Tangier. There is only 1 airport called Tangier Ibn Battouta Airport.

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