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Our buses usually depart from Sevilla at 1pm on the Friday afternoon of the trip. We arrive back in Sevilla on Sunday evening around 7.30pm at night. Sometimes we have special departure times; we will notify our travelers of such changes via email.

You can easily reach Sevilla by train with, by bus with, also ( Madrid travelers only ) by bus with or by plane. Please feel free to contact us and we will let you know the easiest way to get to Sevilla from the city you are located.

We have buses departing from Sevilla and also Granada. Buses from Granada usually depart 3 hours before those from Sevilla and arrive back in Granada 3 hours after the Sevilla busses return. We provide buses from Granada if a certain amount of travelers are coming from there. If you are taking a bus from Granada we will provide you with an information packet on our website about departure times and location a week or so before the trip. We can also provide buses from Cordoba, Madrid, Salamanca, Valencia, Alicante, and some other cities within Spain. If you contact us we can try arranging transportation for you and your friends. Please note that we may require minimum number of people to do so.

We travel to Morocco on buses-you can bring as much luggage as you like. We recommend bringing a small roller suitcase or a duffel bag. We also suggest that you bring comfortable clothes and shoes, both should be suitable for warm and cooler weather. Check the weather on the internet a few days before the departure date so you can pack accordingly!

The currency in Morocco is called the Dirham. 1€ = 10DH approx. There is no need for you change the money into dirhams since you can pay in euros, dollars, etc. everywhere we go. If you want to exchange some money to dirhams you can either change it at the hotel or at some shops in town. It’s hard to change dirhams back to euros, so it’s best for you to either spend it all or change little at a time, maybe between 40 and 100 euros, depending on how much you would like to buy.

We always stay in 4 star hotels with all meals included. Drinks are not included in the trip price so make sure to bring small euro coins so you can purchase your drinks accordingly.

Rooms in the hotel are usually doubles and triples. Sometimes, because of hotel availability, we only have triple rooms, therefore, you may be placed with another person from the trip (we will always place you with someone from the same gender).

Transportation to and from Sevilla, all meals, tours, ferry transportation, and the hotel stay are what is included in the trip price. As mentioned above, drinks are not included! If there is any other extra fee we will notify you, of course. If your group departs from another city such Granada, Madrid, or Cadiz, some fee may apply.

You’ll have free time both days to explore on your own to do some shopping. All cities we visit are very safe and not too large or busy, so safety is never an issue.

The tour guides in Morocco conduct all of the tours in English. Our DiscoverExcursions tour guides speak English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian & Arabic.

The meals included on the trip are: Dinner on Friday, all meals on Saturday, and breakfast and lunch on Sunday. We have buffet style in some hotels and set menus in other hotels/restaurants. If you have dietary restriction or allergies please let our tour guides know and we will arrange something special for you. We accommodate anything!

The climate and weather in Morocco is very similar to southern Spain. It is a good idea to check the weather on the internet before you go just in case you may have to bring a jacket, umbrella, or other weather specific clothing.

We do have a blog with some pretty interesting and insightful articles about Morocco. Please check out our blog here.

Please send us an email and we will get back to you within the next 24h. Please remember that our office is closed on the weekends.

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