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1st in Spain
#1 Travel Agency in Spain

Our excursions specialize in showing students and young adults the most beautiful destinations and offering the fiest services: hotels, restaurants, and activities from camel riding to dune boarding to even sangria sailing and surfig. Our long standing connections with local businesses throughout Spain, Portugal & Morocco allow us to provide you with exclusive opportunities incomparable to any other agency in the industry. Your happiness is our number one priority and we are committed to making sure that you return from each trip absolutely blown away by the time you had.

Since 2003
Traveling With You Since 2003

DiscoverExcursions has been a trusted name in the travel world dedicated to providing our travelers with the most positive and unforgettable experiences while abroad. Our incredible excursions throughout Spain, Portugal & Morocco provide young travelers with the opportunity to not only discover new places, but experience them in a way never before imagined.

Amazing Places
Amazing Places to Stay

Being a top travel agency for students in Europe, we have long established relationships with our customers and partners, guaranteeing not only competitive prices, but quality services. To ensure your comfort, we always use private transport to travel by road and stay in the top rated hotels of each city, we do not use hostels.

Over 100.000 People Have Travelled With Us

Since DiscoverExcursions opened its doors in 2003, it has grown immensely amongst college study abroad students. Having travelled with over 100 thousand people on our weekend excursions all year round, many found out about us through Facebook, advertisement and word of mouth. Ask a friend who studied in past years or/and check out our Google Reviews.