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We hope you are excited for the upcoming trip to the Sahara Desert with DiscoverExcursions. We have created a list with answers to frequently asked questions so you can prepare for the trip. Please remember that you can always talk to us via live chat or send us an email if you still have questions.

Our buses depart from Sevilla, Spain around 5:00am. Please meet us at the meeting point at 4:30am. Our Ferry leaves at 9:00am, therefore, we cannot wait for late arrivals. If you miss the bus, you'll have to take a taxi from Sevilla to Tarifa. Tarifa is a small city on the coast of Cádiz, where we depart and catch the ferry to cross the Strait of Gibraltar into Morocco. The bus meeting point is called: Consulado de Portugal, which is located in front of the University of Sevilla. If you stay at a hostel or a hotel in Sevilla the night before and go to the bus meeting point by taxi, the taxi driver will know where it is. If there is an emergency and you are running late, please call us at: +34 607 50 99 42. The Sahara Desert trip starts at 5:00am and ends in Sevilla around midnight.

I don't live in Sevilla, how can I get to Sevilla?

Those of you coming from outside Sevilla, you can easily reach Sevilla by bus, train, or plane. The train station in Sevilla is called Santa Justa. There is only one airport and there are two bus stations. The main one is called Plaza de Armas, and the other one is called El Prado. If you arrive to Sevilla by plane, you can get into the city by taxi (28€) or by bus (5.90€). If you get to Sevilla by train, the station is 10 minutes from the center. Both bus stations are in the center of Sevilla. There are taxis in all 4 places (Airport, train & bus stations).

Those of you coming from outside Sevilla, you may need a place to stay the day before and after the trip. Try to stay at one of these locations, as they are close to the bus meeting point!

1. Samay Hostel -
2. Toc Hostel -

If none of these options are available, book any of the following:

Hostel prices usually range from 10€ to 20€, not including breakfast. Airports and bus stations are closed at night. Therefore, it is not a good idea to plan on staying at the airport over night before the trip.

The airport in Sevilla is closed from 1:00am to 5:00am more or less. Please visit the airport site to double check -

The ferry departs from Tarifa, which is about 2h and 30 minutes from Sevilla. The ferry ride to Morocco takes about 1h. Inside the ferry you can buy food, drinks and souvenirs. You cannot change money on the ferry. The ferry can get rough at times due to waves on the Strait of Gibraltar, so it's usually best to stay seated if you are prone to motion sickness.

On this trip we always recommend to bring two types of luggage. A bigger suitcase to carry everything you need on the trip and also a small back-pack to bring to the Sahara. There is one night on the trip where you will only have access to that small back-pack.

At the hotels, you'll have Wi-Fi access, but not on the bus. During bus rides we will be playing awesome music and movies! You can listen to some of our music on 8tracks. Here:

The currency in Morocco is called Dirham. 1€ = 10DH approx. You don't really need to change money since you can pay in euros everywhere. Bring about 70€ to 150€ in cash. Bring small notes such as 5 & 10 euro bills. Also bring some coins such as 10 euros in 1 euro coins. That way you'll be able to pay for drinks with euros and you won't receive change in Dirhams. You can pay with a card, but banks usually charge extra with international fees. Also, ATM's in Morocco sometimes eat the cards!

We will be playing movies and music throughout the whole trip. We also recommend bringing books and magazines.

There will be 2 to 5 guides from DiscoverExcursions with you through the whole trip to assist you and help you with anything you may need. If you came to Lagos-Portugal with us, you may already know them.

On the Sahara Desert trip you'll be visiting Rabat, Merzouga, the Sahara Desert, and Mekness.

In all the hotels there will be a buffet which is included in the price. The buffet will have some traditional Moroccan food and also some typical food if you're not interested in this cuisine. There will also be options for vegetarians. Drinks are not included, so bring some euros to pay for soft drinks and/or alcoholic drinks. In the restaurants we visit the 1st day and the last day, there will be set menus.

You'll be able to shop near the Sahara desert and also on the 5th day after the Mekness walking tour. Remember to bring cash. It's hard to find reliable ATM's in Morocco.

You can pay with euros, dollars, and dirhams. You can pay with your card too, but be careful as you can be charged more! It's best to bring cash.

Totally! You may have issues with spices and other types of food if you try to bring it back to your home country in customs. But clothes, rugs, etc., are totally fine.

We have done the rooming according to your preferences. Rooms are doubles and triples. The second night, there is no rooming since we are staying in the Sahara Desert in tents. Tents usually fit 6-12 people.

Hotels have buffet style menus, so you'll have plenty of options.

Yeah it is. People in Morocco don't steal.

We recommend not drinking the water as our bodies are not accustomed to the bacteria there, so we urge you to only drink bottled water. Showering however is not a problem.

Drinks are not included on the trip therefore, please bring cash with you to pay for soft drinks, water, beer, wine, etc.

The local guides we hire for the walking tours speak English. The DiscoverExcursions guides also speak English & Spanish.

Not many trips in your life will allow you to see the ocean, the snow, and the sand on the same trip! Some days will be warm some others will be a bit cold (the second night in the Sahara). Please download the trip itinerary and the trip information package so you know what to wear and what to bring.

Do you still have questions? Please feel free to contact us via email and we will get back to you. We are a Spanish company offering American customer service

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